Video Lectures of ECCV 2012 Oral Presentations

ECCV orals will be filmed and published on
In order to distribute the videos we need at least one representative from each paper to sign a consent form (download it as PDF file).

Please scan the signed consent form and email it to Ana Fabjan at by October 7th at the latest.


The subject of the email should be the id of the paper and the surname of the presenter (e.g., ECCV 2012 – ID XXXX – SURNAME).  Please make sure that the file is readable before sending it. Orals for which we do not receive the signed consent by October 7th will not be filmed.


We will also need your presentation slides for video synchronization. Authors need to copy their presentations to the central server (located in the Slide Room) at least 90′ in advance of the session in which their paper will be presented (see described in the instructions at: /attendees/instructions-for-presenting-authors/)

We would like to remind that authors are advised to prepare a 12-minute talk. There will be 3 minute for questions at the end of each talk.

For any further enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact the video proceeding chairs (Sebastiano Battiato, Giovanni Maria Farinella) at