Technical Program Sessions’ changes


The changes to paper order (with respect to the published conference proceedings) made in the Technical Program are listed below:


  • 27 August: The paper “Manifold Statistics for Essential Matrices”, Gijs Dubbelman, Leo Dorst, Henk Pijls has been postponed from 9th October to 11th October
  • 13 September: The paper “Approximate Gaussian Mixtures for Large Scale Vocabularies”, Yannis Avrithis, Yannis Kalantidis has been postponed from session 3 to poster session 4
  • 13 September: The paper “Directional Space-Time Oriented Gradients for 3D Visual Pattern Analysis”, Ehsan Norouznezhad, Mehrtash Harandi, Abbas Bigdeli, Mahsa Baktash, Adam Postula, Brian Lovell has been anticipated from session 4 to session 3