Vision Applications on Mobile using OpenCV

Organizers: Gary Bradski (Industrial Perception), Victor Eruhimov (Itseez Corporation), Vadim Pisarevsky (Itseez Corporation)
Duration: half day
Abstract: It is forecast that in 2012, 450 Million smart phones with cameras will be sold, increasing to 650 Million units in 2013. Those with interests in commercial applications of computer vision simply cannot afford to ignore this growth in  smart cameras  enabled by mobile devices. This tutorial will get you going in computer vision application development on mobile devices using OpenCV. This tutorial is intended to be hands on.


  • Review OpenCV, the Open Source Computer Vision Library.
  • Cover some of the tools for developing vision applications on mobile devices with a focus on OpenCV.
  • We will then show you step by step how to implement vision applications on Android and iOS.
  • We will go through the implementation of a simple application that tracks points on a planar surface and renders onto that surface.
  • This application can serve as a stub which attendees can modify for their own applications. As time permits, we will guide/advise attendees in starting their own applications.