Call for Video Spotlights

ECCV 2012 authors are invited to submit videos for display on many screens around the conference centre. This offers all attendees an opportunity to become aware of your paper, and thus to be attracted to attend your poster or talk. The videos will be short (maximum of 30 seconds) and without audio (we want to run them on multiple screens, and don’t want to create a cacophony in the conference centre). As the examples below show, a 30-second silent video can quite effectively get across the main idea of one’s work, even if very simply prepared.

The video above shows some example spotlights. We chose six papers from various sources as an (arbitrary) basis. They are quite different: some are video-based, so naturally fit the format, others are purely mathematical, but I hope all three show the kind of approach one can take in a 30-second silent video. Most were prepared entirely in PowerPoint 2010 and took just a few tens of minutes to create.


Please submit a 960x480x30sec video. The video should not contain your names and affiliation: these will be added in a band at the top, as shown on the example video, yielding a 960×540 qHD frame. It should not have audio – the intention is that these can run on several screens side-by-side without audio interference. The video may be uploaded to CMT ( as a “Presentation” file (allowed extensions are:  .avi, .wmv, .mp4; for other formats use .zip files to pack the video). The deadline is September 28th, see CMT for the precise time.

Length: Maximum 30 sec. Everything beyond 30 seconds will be cut.
File size: Maximum 30MB.
Size: 960×480 pixels (2:1 aspect ratio). Other sizes will be resized (preserving aspect ratio, padding
with white space). The PowerPoint 2010 template available may be of assistance.
Audio: None.
Frame rate: 30Hz. Other rates will be automatically converted to 30Hz.
Format: Formats which play in an unmodified VLC ( installed on a clean Windows 7 machine. If you are doubtful, submit several days early, and email us to check.
Content: Please keep legal restrictions in mind (e.g. do not use footage or images which you are not entitled to distribute beyond fair use). The videos will be on display in a public place to a wide range of nationalities, so avoid causing offence. We reserve the right to withdraw videos we believe to be outside these guidelines. If you suspect you may come close to the boundaries of acceptability, submit several days early and email us for approval.

Watch the ECCV 2012 video spotlights.

Giovanni M. Farinella, Sebastiano Battiato – email contact