Special Events


“Italian Music through the Ages in Contemporary Places”

ECCV 2012 will be enlivened by three musical events, reflecting three different moments of the millenary cultural and artistic tradition of Italy, and of Florence in particular: Middle Ages, Renaissance, XIX Century. Each event will take place in a historical location of special interest and charm contemporary with the music being played.


Renaissance Music and Dances 

The first show will be held on Monday 8th, during the welcome dinner, at Fortezza Da Basso, a fortress built in 1537 by Antonio da Sangallo. It will be a cheerful and colorful, yet philological recollection, in sixteenth-century costumes and with period instruments, of the tradition of dances and musical feasts in Renaissance Florence, to which is due the birth of the modern opera. (Performers: La Rossignol and Capriccio Armonico)


Gregorian Chant 

For the special concert of Tuesday 9th in the magnificent Romanesque basilica of San Miniato al Monte (XI Century), the audience will be plunged into the dark, spiritual atmosphere of the Middle Ages, surrounded by that sort of vocal meditation upon the Sacred Word that is the Gregorian chant. (Performers: Viri Galilaei)



On Wednesday 10th, during the gala dinner at Stazione Leopolda (the first Florentine train station built in 1848 at the times of the grand duke Leopoldo II of Tuscany), a learned but also amusing and light-hearted tribute to the world-renowned Italian tradition of bel canto will be paid. A peculiar ensemble of wind instruments called Harmonie—including two oboes, two clarinets, two horns and two bassoons—will play opera music rich in melodic beauty, virtuosity, and inventiveness. (Performers: Cameristi Fiorentini)


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Thanks to Cristiano and Alessandra Onerati for their invaluable help. (CC)