FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a deadline extension?

No. We have a very tight schedule after submission, and the deadline is tied to timezone constraints of the program chairs. There will be no extension. If your work is not ready for submission, take the opportunity to polish it and submit to the next suitable conference, or to a journal.

How do I cite my accepted CVPR 2012 paper?

Citing one’s accepted CVPR 2012 paper is indeed a borderline case for anonymity. Our recommendation is that you include it as supplementary material, without authors OR title, and cite it as if it were still under review. Although reviewers are permitted, indeed encouraged to search for terms in the title of your ECCV submission, they should not actively attempt to determine a paper’s authors. If they accidentally discover the authors, this will not comprise grounds for automatic rejection of your papers. In such cases, the program chairs will adjudicate (and in the case of clear attempts to violate anonymity may remove the paper) but the reviewers are still required to submit a fair review of the paper even if they accidentally discover the authors’ names.

Why is the format different from previous ECCVs?

The submission format has been changed slightly to include a more uniform ruler, and to remove the margins for onscreen reading and for 2-up printing.  See eccv2012_sbs.pdf for more info.    The text area and number of pages is exactly the same as ECCV 2010.  If printing normally (i.e. 1-up), you may need to uncheck a “scale to fit” option on your PDF viewer’s print setup to avoid magnification of the page.

Will there be a rebuttal phase ?

Yes. Reviews will be sent on 21st May, rebuttals are due on May 28th.